Dice Rolling

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Upon arriving in Layonara for the first time, each Player Character will have in their inventory a PC Dicebag. With it, players can roll a d4, a d6, a d8, a d10, a d12, and a d20, where "d" stands for die and the numeral stands for the number of sides. I.E. a d6 is a six-sided die. Also, it allows players to roll multiples of each die type. Players can also use it to roll saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks, and it will automatically use the PC's modifiers. It does not, however, handle attack rolls.

There are three settings on the dicebag:

  • Private: Only the user and GM's can see the result.
  • Local: Anyone within range to hear normal speech will see the result.
  • Global: Everyone on the server will see the result. This setting is never to be used unless directed by a GM.

The dicebag is for RP purposes only and hence has its primary use during GM quests and events. Of course, it is certainly not limited to such use, and can be effectively used to handle numerous character initiated role-play instances. The use of the dicebag is highly encouraged and PC's should find it a handy tool.

There are other methods of rolling dice should you not desire to use the dicebag. Dice can be rolled by bracketing the check you want by asterisks. Typing "*fortitude save*" in whisper, talk or party chat will trigger a fortitude check. However, rolls can also be done through the  self tell command. Typing =c will produce the desired result. I.E. =c will save will produce the same effect as if you had toggled the PC dicebag to roll a will save. For quicker typing, ability checks and saves are abbreviated as follows:

Using the self-tell, =c also allows you to roll dice bigger than a d20, such as d100's by entering =c roll d100. You can even roll skill checks this way, just as you would an ability check.

To toggle dice rolls to silent, use the command =c toggle check_silent;. If your dice rolls are already on silent mode, this same command can be used to reverse it so other players can see the results of your rolls once more.