Druid Tree Walking

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"To become one with the land, to know the flora like you are a plant as well, to feel the connection between all living things that touch the earth- only those with such understanding can learn to travel between the threads of life that reach from one great tree to the next."


  • Upon logging in for the first time after reaching the 16th druid level, a character will find in his/her inventory a druid's tree walking branch.
  • Activating the branch allows a PC to do two things:
    • Choose a destination.
      • The options for destination choices include all outdoor areas. Druids cannot teleport into a cave.
    • Teleport to the chosen destination.
      • A druid must be standing in an outdoor area for the teleportation to work. Druids cannot teleport out of a cave.
  • Warnings:
    • Do not use the branch to teleport out of combat. The druid tree walking branch is for role-play purposes and travel; it's not intended to be a way to avoid death in combat.
    • Do not use the branch to teleport from CNR areas to crafting stations and vice-versa. Again, the system is for RP, not to climb up the CNR ladders.