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Whenever you don't know a character all you will see above them or when they talk and other events is "Unknown". It will be up the characters to introduce themselves to others or for your character to dub that character with a name.

Associated commands will be:

  • =c intro
  • =c introparty
  • =c introarea
  • =c dub

To introduce yourself to an individual you use =c intro Plen for example. This will find the closest PC to your PC and introduce yourselves as that name to them. This will then change it so the other character sees Plen instead of Unknown. =c introparty The Bird Lord for example would do the same thing but for all characters in your party. The same for =c introarea Feathers for example but it will work on any players in the immediate vicinity.

If you would prefer to see someone's name as something else, you can forego their introduction and use =c dub instead. This works on the closest PC to your PC. For example, Connor could be near Plenarius and do =c dub Werechicken. If you have someone dubbed, from that point onward any time the player introduces themselves, it will ignore the introduction and use what you have dubbed them as.This will be a bit confusing at first when everyone is "Unknown" but it should gradually get all worked out.

You don't have to RP the introduction or dubbing of a PC who your PC knows well enough, just run the command(s). (Though feel free to RP it if you want!) Certain parts of the game world will still use your real name. Storage logs on crates will still use the original name. There will be other cases we discover too, some will be fixed, some may not be able to be fixed.

We hope this will help encourage the RP aspect of ones true name being held secret if they wish it that way. Also characters can use aliases to some if they so desire. Sometimes we're even confused/forgetful if one of our characters has met another yet, so this should help too. GMs always see your real name of course, but they too can dub you something else if they prefer.