Enhanced Mapping

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Map Pins

All map pins will now be persistent, they will save over server resets and be there for you forever. Included with the map pins update is the ability to set, list, delete and rename the map pins via commands. This can save you some time if you want to custom macro a command like =c map set Path to Fort Miritix for example and then use that key many times as you travel. The commands associated with map pins are:

  • =c map set Pin Name - This will set a map pin at your current location with the name you designate.
  • =c map list - This will show a numerical list of map pins for the current area.
  • =c map delete # - This will delete the map pin with the number you define (as revealed in the =c map list)
  • =c map rename # Pin Name - This will rename the map pin for the numbered pin for that area (as revealed in =c map list)
  • =c map save - Saves all of your map pins.

Note: You will not see map pin updates until you re-enter the area when using the commands as opposed to using the regular NWN map pinning UI. The system automatically saves your map pins when you log out but if you wish to be entirely sure you can use the =c map save command as well.

Area Mapping

There also exists an ability to map out an area which exposes the entire black area for good. To perform this, you purchase a Magical Map Book from the Magical Vendors. Proceed to use it, then travel around in the area and you'll be notified about your mapping progress. The length of time it takes to map the area takes many things into account such as your Intelligence, your Wisdom, your Lore, your Gather Information, your Ranger levels, the size of the area, the time of day, whether it's above ground and whether it's an interior area. The minimum time it will take is 3 minutes and the maximum is 10 minutes.Just because you may be able to run around the area quickly and expose all the "black" on the minimap won't expedite the procedure. Mapping progress pauses when you rest, engage in combat or if you remain in the same general vicinity. Mapping progress is cancelled if you die or change areas.Once you complete your mapping the entire map will be exposed.

Map Sharing

Once you have an area mapped out you can share your information about the area with other players using =c map share Plen (use their dynamic name) for example. Map sharing reveals the entire area to the other player as well as copying your map pins over to the map for the person you are sharing with. The player must re-enter the area to see the updated map pins.

Note: To facilitate some of the commands that I've been introducing that require you to re-enter an area I've created a command that will portal you to a very small area then back to the location you were standing. Use =c refresharea if you wish to use this instead of manually leaving the area and coming back.