Exploring and Spelunking

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The deepest forests, the highest peaks, the darkest dungeons- these are where you will find the Explorers' Flags. Left behind by unknown yet avid adventurers, these flags are protected by magical wards that keep them from decay. Each flag has a place for the finder to sign his or her name. It's said that if an individual signs every Explorers' Flag on a continent, a badge certifying their accomplishment magically appears in that individual's hands. Only the most elite explorers have ever claimed to own an Explorers' Badge; fewer still own more than one.


  • Explorers' Flags offer a small compensation of experience for PC's who find them. To receive the reward, simply walk your character over and click on the flag.
  • Your character's journal updates each time you find a new flag. When you have found all the flags in an area (say, Mistone), the journal will update its completed quests list to reflect the receiving of an Explorers' Badge.