Forest of Fog

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One of the largest and oldest forests of Layonara, the Forest of Fog is also one of the most mysterious. It is said that more rangers and druids live in this forest than any other in Layonara. Despite this, Bloodstone's bugbears find footholds in the wooded valleys and barren bluffs, from which they strike out with their brutal raiding parties. The bugbears simply appear in the forest, despite the patrols established to track their movements and keep them out.

The Broken Glade giants live in these woods as well and they are no less a mystery than the suspicious movements of the bugbears. The giants lived in, and some argue tended, the forest for many years before Bloodstone's return. In recent years, however, the Broken Glade giants are being designated by officials in Prantz as enemies and allies of Blood. These officials assert this forcefully and seem unwilling to entertain other reasoning about the giants, despite the attempts by a group of rangers to portray the situation differently.

Conflict has increased and aggressive maneuvers by both the Broken Gladers and the Prantz guard have been witnessed. The Rangers of the Glade, as they have come to be known, assert that the aggression on the part of the giants is a response to the actions of Prantz. Prantz, and most Dregarians, view the increased hostility as an effect of Blood's influence over these weak-minded behemoths.

As for the forest itself, what makes it mysterious and spectacular are the unexplainable mists which sweep across the forest unpredictably and without warning. Many travelers have found themselves far off course when the thick layer of mist blanketed the forest floor. Every year some go missing, even those traveling together in the same caravan. Mothers, husbands, guards, or companions either wander wildly to their peril or are abducted somehow by the mist itself. Those who live in the forest have far less trouble as they know to wait the fog out or use the trees, which jut gracefully from the mist, as markers and guides. Occasionally, however, a ranger disappears as well.

Many adventurers have sought the source of this fog. Some say it is a lake. Many argue it pours from the mouth of a cave. Others believe the mist is the breath of the trees or Katia herself. People have been known to ask the sage that lives in this forest for an answer, yet he always seems to smile a friendly smile and stays silent.