Halfling: Mannerisms

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When out in the world, many halflings (especially younger ones) appear to never be at rest. Part of this is because when things get tricky and battle ensues, halflings rarely remain in one place, preferring to jump around and distract their opponents as much as possible. However, even when things are calm, a halfling's eyes are constantly moving from one thing to another, only settling on something when it might provide them with an opportunity for even more excitement. It would be a mistake, though, to confuse this constant restlessness with an inability to relax. A popular joke among the tall folk describes the time a halfling fell asleep in a dragon's mouth. Others fled from the beast, fearing that the smoke curling up from its snout meant that it was about to breath fire, but it was later revealed that the smoke's sole source was the halfling man enjoying a good pipe.

Much of the halfling mindset can also be revealed by their reactions to jokes apparently at their expense. Rather than become insulted, a typical halfling will only nod appreciatively at these generalizations of his race. Not only is a joke rarely'if ever!'worth getting upset about, most halflings wouldn't really find this particular type of joke humorous. After all, what's so funny about relaxing with a good pipe in a dragon's mouth? Not only was the halfling man blessed by Lady Comfort; he was also clearly wise, for life, however simple or complex, is meant to be lived and enjoyed!

Perhaps it is this shared philosophy of enjoying each moment that makes the halflings such a cheerful race overall. Whether farmers, traders, soldiers, or thieves, halflings live life as it comes, and it shows. A halfling will often be the one who is most appreciative of a good meal or a fine leaf at the end of'or even during'a terrible trial, and is usually also the traveler least concerned by which road is taken so long as there is a journey involved. Trying to keep up with the taller races on these journeys, however, often leads to halflings skipping and darting from place to place, and their small hands are all too often perfect for acquiring things, and are sooner or later filled with trinkets.

Halflings may often be the butt of jokes amongst taller folks, but this does not mean that they don't have their own favorite jests and laughs directed at the taller races. The Halfling Sore Neck is a common joke amongst the halflings, caused of course by always having to look up to others when trying to converse. Even so, they take this with the most jovial of manners. Many agree that the laid back manner of most halflings makes them very pleasant traveling companions.