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Is harm.png
  • Caster Level(s): Cleric 6, Druid 7
  • Innate Level: 6
  • School: Necromancy
  • Descriptor(s): Negative
  • Component(s): Verbal, Somatic
  • Range: Touch
  • Area of Effect / Target: Single
  • Duration: Instant
  • Additional Counter Spells: Heal
  • Save: None
  • Spell Resistance: Yes

    If the caster makes a successful melee touch attack, the target of Harm has their Hit Points reduced by the following by caster level:

    15 and under: 10 Hit Points per level
  • Levels 16 - 20: 12 Hit Points per Level
  • Levels 20 +: 15 Hit Points per Level

    If the amount of damage is greater than the target's current hit points, that creature is reduced to 1d4 hit points. If the caster's level is less than the target's CR, only half damage is done.

    This spell has a reverse effect when used on undead, healing instead of harming them (undead's Hit Points are increased according to the same progression by this spell). A successful touch attack does not need to be made when this spell is used against undead.