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"Welcome to the Wild Surge Inn...welcome, welcome," exclaims Yastin. He ushers you and your friends to a simple but clean table. "Here we are. Plenty of room, plenty of room for all."

"I'm Yastin, the innkeeper. If you need anything, anything at all, you just let me know. Now...what can I get you?" He leans back, hands on his hips as he surveys the table at which you and your companions seated. Before you can even open your mouth to reply, he snaps his fingers.

"Food! Of course, food! You look famished! Been out fighting all sorts of monsters, I'll bet. Keeping us folk here in Hlint safe, you are. Been out travelling in the wilderness, seeing the things I only hear about in tales," Yastin nods as he speaks. "Probably stuck with eating those dried rations you get from Yastand, over in the merchant house. Yes, yes, that will keep you alive in a pinch but it's not filling, is it? Not be a long shot, no sirree. Keeps you going but doesn't REALLY fill you up, not unless you eat a lot of it, and all the time, too. No, no, to really get your fill, you need something that's warm, with a bit o' taste to it. Now...we've got some of those dried rations on the menu, but that's really for those folks who need to get something to go, eh? O''s cheap but you know the ol' saying: you get what you pay for."

"Now," Yastin barely pauses for air as he prattles on. "Our cook might not be the finest in the land but he's good at what he does. Makes a right good special for the inn, he does, and if I do say so myself. Tastes good and is pretty filling, too. Won't mistake it for that big city gourmet food, no, but you won't be disappointed by it. It'll fill you up and keep you going. But if you've got a few extra coins in your pockets, then you should try the cook's special," he nods a few times. "Not only is it the most filling fare we have here at the inn," he leans in and lowers his voice a bit, "it's the best tasting, too."

He leans back and finally pauses long enough to take a breath. "What should I get you?"


  • Each food item has "charges" associated with it. For example, dried rations have one charge, the inn's special has two charges and the cook's special has three charges.
  • Craftable food items (e.g. roasts and pies) have different charges and are more filling. See CNR. Just as with weapons, armor and other items, the best food items are crafted and not bought from vendors.
  • Except for items bought at the Inn, eating food will replenish HP; better food will heal more.
  • Your character will receive messages indicating his/her hunger status. You're first message is usually "You are feeling a bit hungry." If you do not eat, additional messages will follow indicating that the character is growing hungrier.
  • As your character eats, you will receive messages indicating hunger status. Once the message "You are full." is received, the character will gain no more benefit from eating.
  • At some point, the hunger will be severe enough that a penalty is incurred to your Attack Bonus and Damage. To recover from this penalty, the character must eat a sufficient amount of food and then rest. The penalty will not be removed until the character rests.
  • A character will not die from failing to eat.