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Once a hugely traveled city with its roots strongly tied to the Heroes of the Dragon Called, the boom town's population has begun to dwindle since the fall of Bloodstone and what ever force was drawing people from their lives to fight Blood. It has returned to the minor trading town and farming hub that it once was.

In its past, Hlint was subject to numerous attacks and oddities. With the exodus of so called heroes, much of the town life has begun to settle. Rumors still persist of dark elves wishing to take Hlint for its strategic location, though this may be all talk from those who find themselves in the Wild Surge's ale and wishing for the days when life seemed easier.

Not a rumor, but a sad fact is that half of the city was laid to waste by Sinthar Bloodstone. He visited the town in person and laid waste to many buildings as warning to the Dragon Called.

All of these attacks, strange occurrences and foul magics have made the populace reclusive and unwilling to talk or deal with anyone who calls themselves an adventurer, or anyone not from Hlint for that matter.

Hlint lies close to the center of the continent of Mistone.

Population: 1,500

GP Limit: 1,700gp

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Government: Monarchy

The town of Hlint is surrounded by a wooden palisade. Once a much bigger place the town's population dwindled and the palisade was actually brought in recently to a much tighter protection around the city. The town has its own guard, headed by Alicia Nefzen. The town has to keep tight defenses as it is surrounded by menaces on all sides. A mercenary group bent on reclaiming the town's area for nature is active to the east. To the west there are goblinoids who have retaliated against the town for the repeated attacks into their lair and stealing of their resources for generations.

Temple: Ilsare