Half Orc

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Half Orcs are the product of Orc and Human parents, inheriting traits from both of their parents. They are an extremely strong race of people, but they tend to be somewhat stupid and have difficulty communicating.

They are predisposed to fight and are often hotheaded and impulsive. Half Orcs who can control their emotions, however, make quite capable adventurers. All Half Orcs are excellent warriors and can deal out a lot of damage to their foes.

On average, Half Orcs are about the same height as Humans (around 5-6 feet), though, they tend to weigh a bit more, generally between 150 and 300 pounds.

They live about as long as Humans do. Half Orcs tend to inherit the physical qualities of Orcs, including long, tusklike teeth, greenish skin, and coarse hair, which makes it hard for them to hide their parentage.

Half Orcs are a rare race, so it is difficult to assume why they become adventurers. Many believe that Half Orcs find a natural niche in adventuring, a profession where their physical prowess earns them rewards, respect, and even admiration.


All PC Half Orcs must be submitted as one of the following alignments: True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil. The lone exception to this rule is if a Half Orc is submitted as a cleric of Az'atta, in which case they may submit with a Good alignment.