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Orcs are aggressive humanoids that raid, pillage, and battle other creatures. When not actually fighting other creatures, Orcs are usually planning raids or practicing their fighting skills. Orcs are familiar with the use of most weapons, preferring those that cause the most damage in the least time. They enjoy attacking from concealment and setting ambushes, and they obey the rules of war only as long as it is convenient for them.

Orcs are constantly warring with or preparing to war with humanoids, including other Orc tribes. They sometimes ally with other humanoids for a time but turn on their former allies whenever the opportunity arises. Orcs are taught that all other beings are inferior and that all worldly goods rightfully belong to the Orcs, having been stolen by the others. Orcs pride themselves over their battle prowess, wealth and amount of territory. They wear their battle scars proudly and ritually scar themselves to mark significant achievements and turning points in their lives. Orc society is patriarchal and females are kept as possessions.

Physical Description:
Orcs look like primitive humans with blue or blue-gray skin, stooped postures, low foreheads and porcine faces with prominent lower canines that resemble a boar's tusks. They have lupine ears, their eyes are reddish, and when they -rarely -have hair, it's dark brown to black.

Relations with other races:
Orcs believe that to survive, they must conquer as much territory as possible, which puts them at odds with all intelligent creatures that live near them. They have a hatred of Elves and Dwarves that began generations ago, and often kill them on sight. They are generally hated by most races and liked by none.

Alignment: Usually Chaotic Evil.

All PC Orcs must be submitted as one of the following alignments: True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil. The lone exception to this rule is if an Orc is submitted as a cleric of Az'atta, in which case they may submit with a Good alignment.

Orcs worship their ancestors and often pray to them before going to battle. The influence of the church of Grand is constantly growing among Orcs but not all are willing to follow him, which has led to the destruction of numerous Orc tribes.


  • Common
  • Orc

Player characters must have a minimum intelligence of 12 to be fluent in another language.

Orc names are short and sound crude to other races. Orcs are named at birth by their father and often the name contains a part of the father's name to symbolize ownership. Female orcs are rarely given names as there is no need to. For example Garzak has three sons named Kruzak, Merzak and Sarzak. Sarzak then has two sons called Sarlon and Sargek. The part of the name that comes from father switches with every generation. The length of an Orc's name indicates how powerful and strong the orc is. Names of Orc rulers tend to be made of four parts and names of great champions of three parts. Sometimes Orcs add parts to their names when they achieve something great such as rising in the ranks of their lord's army. Most Orcs however have only two parts in their names and this means almost all Orc names sound the same to other races.

Orcish adventurers aren't very common and the few tend to not live long. Most are outcasts from defeated tribes, trying to survive in the world.


  • Orc is a subrace, please see the subrace system page for more information.
  • Use the Half Orc NWN standard race for character creation.
  • NWN syntax entered into Subrace Field:
    • orc
    • Orc
  • Racial Qualities: