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Other creatures are inferior to orcs, and all lands rightfully belong to the orcish hordes. Destroy the dwarves and all that they hold dear, as well as all those who follow He That Is Not To Be Named. Forge weapons that cause pain and malady to our eternal enemies. Use everything at your disposal to destroy the workings of those who stand in your path. Be disciplined in your shaping and lead with an iron fist; thus, you will reap the rewards you sow and the orcish legions shall have their reckoning.

  • Aliases: Destroyer of Dwarves, Forger of Contempt
  • Race: Orc
  • Worshippers: Orcs and Humans
  • Governs: Craftmanship, Mining, Smithing
  • Mantras: Belligerent, Materialistic, Physical, Vengeful