True Neutral

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True Neutral characters may simply be unaligned; we do not discuss those here. Characters who are of true neutral alignment may well be simply characters who have the inclinations of Neutral Good, but not the committment to them. They may be somewhat selfish at times, but will shy from lasting harm to innocents.

True Neutral Characters:

  • May or May not keep his word.
  • May or May not lie to or cheat anyone.
  • May or May not attack and kill an unarmed foe.
  • May or May not Use, hurt and kill an innocent without a second thought or for pleasure.
  • May or May not Use torture for pleasure and information.
  • Will not kill for sheer pleasure.
  • Unlikely to help someone only to kill or rob him.
  • May or May not work well within a group (Depends on if the group maintains a balanced view).
  • May or May not follow the ways of honour, authority, and self-discipline.
  • Associate mostly with other Neutral alignments.
  • May or May not betray friends.