Neutral Good

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Neutral Good characters are quite willing to have a basic framework of law, but will feel comfortable violating laws when the results of a given law are clearly in conflict with personal ideals. They will twist or bend laws, or simply ignore them, when their ideals compell them, but will generally follow "Good" laws without complaint.

Neutral Good characters tend to have principles, rather than a specific moral code. A Neutral Good character is more likely to evaluate an action in terms of its expected result, than in terms of conformance to a specific set of rules.

Neutral Good Characters:

  • Always keeps their word.
  • Is VERY unlikely to lie, except perhaps to an evil person.
  • Never attack or kill an unarmed foe.
  • Never harm an innocent.
  • Never tortures for any reason. Is very unlikely to allow torture for any reason.
  • Never kill for pleasure.
  • Always tries to help others.
  • Works well in groups.
  • Never take dirty money or items.
  • Never betray a friend.