Neutral Evil

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Neutral Evil characters are unconstrained by a firm sense of honor, free from compunctions, but willing and able to take advantage of social structures when these suit their needs. They are the precise opposite of Neutral Good characters. They will use a social system to their advantage, but have no committment to a code of honor. Some will pretend to one to gain advantage, however.

Evil is a restricted alignment. See Alignment Rules for more information.

Neutral Evil Characters:

  • Will not necessarily keep his word to anyone.
  • Lies and cheats indiscriminately.
  • Will happily kill an unarmed foe.
  • Will harm and use an innocent, killing if necessary.
  • Uses torture to extract information. (And enjoys it! May torture for pleasure).
  • May kill for sheer pleasure.
  • Feels no compulsion to help others without some sort of tangible reward.
  • Works with others if it will help achieve his personal goals.
  • Will take dirty money etc without hesitation.
  • Will betray a friend if it serves his needs.
  • Has little respect for others' lives.