Chaotic Neutral

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Chaotic Neutral characters are strongly independant. They don't care much for Good or Evil, and, while they will avoid harming innocents, they will generally make no strong effort to help. They will sometimes act in a benevolent way, but it will be as much because of personal mood as because of any moral principle. They dislike law and society, but will not try to overthrow it; that would require a belief in an end, which would imply Good or Evil.

Chaotic Neutral is a restricted alignment. See Alignment Rules for more information.

Chaotic Neutral Characters:

  • May keep his word.
  • Lies and cheats if he feels it necessary.
  • Never kill an unarmed foe, but may knock out or beat up one.
  • Never kill an innocent but may harm or kidnap.
  • Will use torture to extract information but not for pleasure.
  • Seldom kills for pleasure.
  • Is not likely to help someone without an ulterior motive. (Even if its just showing off!).
  • Has little respect for authority.
  • Does not work well within groups - tends to do as he pleases, despite orders to the contrary.
  • Will usually take dirty money or items.
  • Is very unlikely to betray a friend.