Lawful Evil

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Lawful Evil characters support a strong system of laws because it provides them with a consistent framework in which to build their own power and achieve their own ends. They may favor harsh punishments for trivial infractions, or may prefer a system which encourages "minor" crimes, because they feel they can take advantage of these. Whatever the laws are, though, Lawful Evil creatures will tend to follow them, and will certainly maintain the appearance of following such laws. They will have no compunctions about doing harm that is not illegal.

Lawful Evil characters may have a strong code of honor, but will generally view it only as a means to ensure that others are obligated to treat them similarly.

Evil is a restricted alignment. See Alignment Rules for more information.

Lawful Evil Characters:

  • Always keeps his word of honor.
  • Lies and cheats those not worthy of his respect.
  • May or may not kill an unarmed foe.
  • Never kill an innocent but will harm, harass or kidnap.
  • Never torture for pleasure but will to extract information.
  • Never kills for pleasure - always has a reason.
  • May or may not help someone in need.
  • Respects honor and self-discipline. Has no time for the law.
  • Will work with others to attain his goals.
  • May take dirty money.
  • Never betray a friend.