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Humans are the most versatile race in Layonara. Inhabiting many different terrains, their appearances are just as varied. An endless multitude of colors and shapes as well as sizes and manners combine with their different cultural backgrounds to make them even more unique and varied.

There are however, specific traits that make them human, basic moldings that sets them clearly apart from other species and in the end grants them the unique flavor they so pride themselves with.

An adult human grows to just under 5 feet to just under 7 feet with females generally composed of slighter frames. This is however by no mean a rule by which all humans are measured. Many societies around Layonara are known to have hardier females and slighter males'the roles of labor reversed or shared evenly between the two genders.

Hair and facial composition varies greatly, though basic features are clear. All humans have relatively small and round ears, a firm and oval-shaped face, rounded eyes that work poorly in darkly lit environments, and a medium-sized nose.

Human body frames are generally not excessive. Full bodies, not slim, but yet also not disproportionate in its distribution of mass. Males have stockier builds that borders on rectangular, the figure of their body not presenting much in the way of pronounced hips or chests. Females, on the other hand, possess more malleable forms. Their hips curve with ease and their upper frame allows for far more contours. Yet if desired, a female can adopt a masculine form with proper diet and exercise'a strange gift that allows them a rather versatile role.

In the end, humans pride themselves for their physical diversity, and it is something no other race can claim as much as they do.

NWN specifics

  • Favored Class: Any
  • Racial Qualities:
    • Skilled
    • Quick to Master