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Tieflings and their planar opposites the Aasimar are the two planetouched playable races found in Layonara. Tieflings share blood with natives of the Pits of Endless Strife. Though of mixed decent, they should not be mistaken for half-fiends. A Tiefling's fiendish heritage is much more dilute, never more than one-fourth of their blood and most often the fiendish influence is even farther in their past than that. While some claim to have descended directly from the Gods, it is more likely a cover story to divert other's attentions from the fact that one of their ancestors was a Pit-kind. However, most of them cannot trace their heritage back to a specific fiendish being.

Nearly all Tieflings are of human ancestry.

Tieflings have no lands to call their own. They make people feel uncomfortable and are generally shunned.

Tieflings are no longer allowed as new characters. The information here is left for reference.

Due to their fiendish heritage, tieflings are a sinister and cunning people, often drawn to the path of a rogue and mercenary work. The majority of tieflings have an evil alignment and do not get along well with most other people.

Physical Description:
Tieflings are often shorter than humans and of a more slender build. Most have some kind of physical abnormality (although hardly ever more than one) that shows their heritage. Common abnormalities include: small horns, fangs, cat-like or reddish eyes. Some tieflings also have a bifurcated tongue.
Tiefling skin comes in many varieties, some may have scales or fur, while others may have grey or black skin. Most have brown or reddish hair, although black is also not uncommon. Tieflings generally wear clothes with a dark hue, and they prefer weapons that favour agility and finesse rather than brute strength.

Note: Tiefling player characters may not have wings, exceptional tails, large horns, scales, glowing eyes or other features that cannot be applied using the basic NWN PC creator, and all requests for such will be denied at submission. However, regular tattoos, skin coloring, and minor non-vfx additions (such as pointed teeth) can be approved at submission.

Tieflings are adept at seeing and moving in the dark, resistant to certain elements, and immune to some spells that can paralyze other humanoids.

Relations with other races:
Tieflings are distrusted by nearly all.

Alignment: Any Chaotic, often Chaotic Evil. Player Tieflings must be Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral, however the rules for submitting a chaotic neutral character still apply (see Chaotic Neutral and Alignment Rules.)

Layonara no longer has "devils" or "demons" in the traditional or D&D sense, as such one should not infer alignment based upon potential (Abyssal or Infernal) heritage. The "Chaotic" alignment is due to the internal conflict such mixed ancestry brings to a Tiefling.

Tieflings usually do not have a single deity they worship, and often pray to one they need something from at a particular point in time.


  • Common
  • Abyssal
  • Infernal

Player character Tieflings will not be given the ability to speak Abyssal or Infernal at character creation. It must be learned in-game. Player characters must have a minimum intelligence of 12 to be fluent in another language.

Varies following the naming styles of the population they were raised by, but they usually have Human names.

Having no place to call home, nor one that really accepts them, tieflings roam the lands selling their mercenary or roguish services to the highest bidder. Some travel to escape the taint that their heritage has put on them.


  • Tiefling is a subrace, please see the subrace system page for more information.
  • Use the Human NWN standard race for character creation.
  • NWN syntax entered into Subrace Field:
    • tiefling
    • Tiefling
  • Racial Qualities: