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Proud, fair skinned and tall, the Aasimar are a race with a somewhat curious background. One of the two races that are known to be Planetouched, the others being the Tieflings, Aasimar are native to planes of law and order. They have holy blood somewhere in their ancestry, but should not be confused with half-celestials, as the celestial heritage is far back in the playable character's ancestry (at least 1/8th). While some claim to have descended directly from the Gods, it is more likely that one of their ancestors was a Celestial, and not a God. However, most of them cannot trace their heritage back to a specific celestial being.

There is no difference between Aasimar hailing from Human, Elven or other lineage, it is the touch of the divine that makes them what they are, regardless of their other ancestry.

Most Aasimar have a Human ancestry, a relative few have an Elvish ancestry. Aasimar have no lands to call their own. They are welcome in most places, but can also be unwanted in others.

Aasimar are no longer allowed as new characters. The information here is left for reference.



Because of their ancestry, Aasimar are always champions of good. Aasimar are very often Paladins or Clerics, devoutly following their deity. This devoutness can make them somewhat rigid in their opinions, however.

Since they have no place to call home, not belonging in the Heavens and not entirely on Layonara either, Aasimar travel a lot. Even though they're well-liked in most places, they are always somewhat of a loner.

Aasimar do not tend to band together.

Physical Description

Aasimar are beautiful creatures. Tall, with blond, almost white or silvery hair and bright eyes that make others feel like they see right into the core of their being. Aasimar player characters do not have wings, glowing eyes or other features apart from the ones just mentioned.

They like to wear finely crafted metal armors, often decorated with sigils or coats of arms. In their fight against evil, they prefer to use greatswords or other weapons that allow them to use their height as an advantage.

Aasimar ancestry makes them very aware of their surroundings. They're also very perceptive people's motives. Their ancestry also provides them some elemental protection. Some spells that are specifically used to control other Humanoids will not work on Aasimar.

Relations with other races

In general, Aasimar get along with most good races, however, they can hate "evil" races with an almost fanatical fervor. This is especially true for the other Planetouched race, the Tiefling.


Because of their heritage, Aasimar are always good, and usually Lawful Good or Neutral Good.


Aasimar usually follow the deity their ancestors did. However, since they do not really have a place in the Heavens, some Aasimar refuse to follow or even acknowledge deities or their servants.

  • Common
  • Celestial

Player character Aasimar will not be given the ability to speak Celestial at character creation. It must be learned in-game. Player characters must have a minimum intelligence of 12 to be fluent in another language.


Depends on the other part of their ancestry.


Having no home or lands to call their own, Aasimar travel the lands and are not likely to settle down in a particular location. They're usually traveling paladins or clerics, looking to fight evil where they can. Those who are not devout followers of a Deity, tend to become traveling bards.

  • Aasimar is a subrace, please see the subrace system page for more information about subraces.
  • Use the Human NWN standard race for character creation.
  • NWN syntax entered into Subrace Field:
    • Aasimar
    • aasimar
  • Racial Qualities: