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Religion plays an important part in Layonara's societies. Across the world of Layonara, races pay homage to many deities with different rituals and customs. The deities mentioned here are the most widely known and influential. The world is filled with shrines to these deities and the number of temples is far less because of the cost and effort required for temples. The deities are divided into pantheons along racial lines. The race with which the religion originated or where it has the deepest support is indicated by its pantheon. However, this is an artificial division. It is possible for an individual to worship a deity from a different race's pantheon and in some cases to actually be clergy of that deity. There are a few deities with a small amount of power, relatively unknown deities, that only grant limited spells or spells of limited power; these will have to be found in the game through roleplaying. There will be times when you may encounter individuals who follow deities that are not included in these pages.

List of Known Deities

  • Aeridin, the Lifegiver, Elven God of Healing.
  • Aragen, the Wise God, Human God of Knowledge.
  • Az'atta, the Redemptress, Dark Elf Goddess of Redemption.
  • Baraeon Ca'duz, the Prince of Hate, Dark Elf God of Vengeance.
  • Beryl, Her Perfection, Deep Gnome Mother Goddess and Goddess of Jewelry
  • Branderback, the Greedy Hound, Halfling God of Thieves.
  • Corath, the Lord Manipulator, Human God of Corruption.
  • Deliar, the Merchant of Fate, Halfing God of Merchants and Luck.
  • Dorand, the Master of Crafts, Dwarven God of Crafting.
  • Folian S'pae, the Prince of Wolves, Elven God of The Wilderness and Wolves.
  • Goran, the Father Invention, Gnomish God of Invention.
  • Grand, the Destroyer of Dwarves, Orcish God of Mining and Smithing.
  • Grannoch, the Mother of Giants, Giant Goddess of The Elements.
  • Ilsare, the Heartsong, Elven Goddess of Art and Love.
  • Katia, Mother Nature, Human Goddess of Nature.
  • Kithairien, the Falcon, Elven God of The Hunt and Freedom.
  • Lucinda, the Star's Mage, Human Goddess of Magic
  • Mist, Lady Doom, Human Goddess of Storms and Seas.
  • Prunilla, Lady Comfort, Halfling Goddess of Food and Agriculture.
  • Pyrtechon, the Destroyer, Dragon God of Destruction and Chaos.
  • Rofirein, the Lord Protector, Dragon God of Law and Order.
  • Shadon, the Trickster, Gnome God of Trickery.
  • Shindaleria, Mother Ocean, Elven Goddess of The Ocean.
  • Sulterio, the Brooding One, Deep Dwarf God of Mining and Poison.
  • Toran, the Great Leader. Human God of Honor, Truth and Righteousness
  • Vierdri'ira, Mother of Darkness, Dark Elf Goddess of Darkness.
  • Vorax, the Father of Battle, Dwarven God of Battle.
  • Xeen, Mistress of Pleasure and Pain, Human Goddess of Pleasure and Wine.