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Protect the realms and rout evil wherever you find it. Raise up the weak and empower them so that they might see the strength and compassion of Toran. Seek out the servants of evil, most notably those who follow Corath and Pyrtechon, and rid the world of them. Be mindful of the Conducts of Virtue (Valor, Empathy, Conviction, Humility, Sacrifice, Honorable Combat, Restraint). The path away from our Leader can begin from a position of good as well as evil. Be a shining example of goodness and righteousness. Your word is your bond.

  • Aliases: The Hand of Virtue, The Great Leader
  • Race: Human
  • Worshippers: Humans, but often worshipped by half elves as well. Also has the occasional highly righteous, justice-seeking worshipper from other races such as dwarves and elves.
  • Governs: Honor, Truth, Loyalty, Duty, Vigilance
  • Mantras: Forgiving, Honest, Idealistic, Intuitive