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You are the elite of Layonara. The world is yours to shape. All beings are yours to mold and exist to serve you. Create what you will of the creatures of the world and let no one stand in your way. If an indignus (unworthy) should try to enforce his weak and pointless morality on you, kill him, and raise his body to be your servant or corrupt his living form beyond reason.

Never allow your identity to be known - neither to those who believe as you do, nor to those who would kill you for your beliefs. You stand in a maelstrom of chaos and with the sweep of your hand, you control it - the laughter you hear in your head is your God, delighting in the madness you create.

  • Aliases: Baron Madness, Marquis Morgue, Mortis Mentis (followers only), Bone Lord (common), Dark Lord, Grave Lord
  • Race: Human
  • Worshippers: Corruptions, Fiends, Humans, and the intelligent unliving, as well as the truly evil of many other races
  • Governs: Corruptions, Insanity, Lies, Secrecy, Transformation, Unliving
  • Mantras: Arrogant, Cruel, Deceptive, Destructive