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"My true kin, rely on your strengths and run free. See all that there is to see of this land. With your bonds to one another and your independence, there is no one stronger than you. Let no bond of mortal making hold you back. Rebel against those who seek to bind you. Remember always, the vilest of all prisons is a stale mind and hard heart."

Said to have been spoken in several speeches in his mortal life, these words of Kithairien light the path for his devout. Sometimes spoken with different phrases, alteration to the length or translation, but always the meaning is the same: "Run free. Be true to yourself and your kin. Let no one hold you back."

  • Aliases: The Runner, Great Runner, Falcon, Great Hunter
  • Race: Wild elf
  • Worshippers: Usually wild elves.
  • Governs: Hunting Prowess, Quickness of Wit, Strength
  • Mantras: Active, Private, Nomadic, Stoic