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Stocky and proud builds make this a curious looking race. Gnomes tend to be shorter than dwarves but taller than halflings. They have well-rounded bodies. They're not obese though, but do keep thick and full features. Gnomes carry themselves on short legs.

Male gnomes sport big circular noses that match their thick brows and gentle eyes. They are mostly bald but have fancy mustaches, which they treasure and keep well groomed. Their relatively long arms end in very fine hands, which are able to deal with the many trinkets they fabricate.

Female gnomes have finer features. Their noses are less pronounced and average in size. Their hair is frazzled with ponytails or clippings, which make it look spiked and wild. Their eyes are impish eyes and show the caring qualities of the race. Their hands have chubby fingers that are normally decorated with much jewelry, a craft that comes naturally to them.

They are full of energy and lust for new experiences. Their effusive drive is shown by a methodical observance of the world, reflected in the occasional frown or wide-eyed wonder at the discovery of new things.

NWN specifics

  • Favored Class: Wizard
  • Racial Qualities:
    • Ability Adjustments: +2 Constitution, -2 Strength
    • Defensive Training vs. Giants
    • Hardiness vs. Illusions
    • Low-light Vision
    • Offensive Training vs. Goblinoids
    • Offensive Training vs. Reptilians
    • Skill Affinity (Listen)
    • Skill Affinity (Concentration)
    • Small Stature
    • Spell Focus (Illusion)