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Follow the Way of the Hammer. Make durable, useful, and quality items to venerate the Master Crafter. If you do not craft, you are not serving his purpose. Be his instrument. Good enough is not good enough. Seek and support others that strive for perfection in their creations. Remember always: strength, discipline, desire, and patience.

  • Aliases: The Anvil, Lord Forge, Master Crafter
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Worshippers: Nearly all worshippers of Dorand are either dwarvish or human. Given that there are members of all races that craft, worshippers can be nearly any race. He accepts all those that desire to craft, except orcs.
  • Governs: Craftsmanship, Mining, Smithing, Stone Work
  • Mantras: Materialistic, Physical, Selfless, Technological