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The Mother Ocean has always been and always will be. Seek the embrace of her safety whenever you need it. Respect the sea, and its harmony it will not harm you in any way. Swim both the great currents and the shallow seas. Promote knowledge and use of the sea by reasonable folk, and fight those that would taint or deplete its beauty and bounty. Think long and wisely before acting; the seas do not alter quickly, but when the waters move, great change is sure to follow. Seek out fellow swimmers who honor the ways of Mother Ocean, and ally with them against those who follow Mist and who feel not the serene waters but only the chaotic waves.

  • Aliases: Mother Ocean, Ocean's Embrace, Lady of Currents
  • Race: Sea Elf
  • Worshippers: Sea Elves, sailors, and sentient sea creatures
  • Governs: Sea Life, Oceans, Healing, Wisdom
  • Mantras: Idealistic, Intuitive, Natural, Stoic