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Life is fleeting, and therefore must be enjoyed. Every moment spent doing something boring is a moment wasted. Relish constantly in festivals and adventuring. Go to any extent to enjoy yourself, no matter how trivial the action, no matter what the consequences may be. Rules and regulations only apply to those who need them. Boundaries, whether they are physical, moral, or emotional, are only there to be broken. Laws will only hold you back. Such things only serve those who make them. Ignore all of them, or better still, break all of them. Make a mockery of them and of all those who try to force them upon you. Practical jokes make the loudest statements and are nothing short of hilarious. Always have a prank or two up your sleeve, and Shadon will be happy with you. Put your own enjoyment before anything else. Enjoyment is the key to everything. Get back at those who would put an end to your merriment; even better if there is a crowd. Whether your actions were good or evil, helpful or harmful, it does not matter, so long as they were fun to do.

  • Aliases: The Trickster, The Rascal
  • Race: Gnome
  • Worshippers: Gnomes, halflings, and some goblinoid races.
  • Governs: Illusions, Traps, Humor, Trickery
  • Mantras: Chaotic, Deceptive, Playful, Selfish