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You are a paragon of virtue and honor. Dedicate your life to justice, honor, and the pursuit of law and order. Hold the law above all else at any cost, even if this means bringing loved ones or friends to justice. Without the order of law, chaos would reign and the world would descend into dark times where Pyrtechon would thrive. Extend honor to all--even your foes. Aid others whenever and wherever possible as long as it is in accordance with the law and does not make way for acts of evil. The common people are the strongest force in bringing order and prosperity to all. We must protect them.

  • Aliases: The All-Seeing, Lord Protector
  • Race: Dragon
  • Worshippers: Rofirein does not forsake any race, but he is predominantly worshipped by Humans.
  • Governs: Guidance, Law, Order, Protection
  • Mantras: Honest, Ordered, Preserving, Public