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The collection and preservation of knowledge, of the facts, is the prime objective of any true Aragenite. The smallest detail has great value and should not be overlooked. To investigate all leads no matter how far fetched is common, as quoted by one scholar wishing to remain anonymous, "Since the Great Cataclysm, strange and wondrous things have occurred all over this world. To mistrust a source due to the strangeness of the claim does the world a great injustice. All leads should be investigated and all the details acquired in the pursuit, the goal discovered or not, should be recorded for posterity."

Aragenites are a humble group as most religions go. They seek only to further the collection of knowledge. Their prime directive is searching through objectivity. What that means is that no priest, follower, or any one who associates themselves with Aragen should prejudge the facts; remain completely objective as it is not the place of a mere individual to judge the facts. One set of eyes cannot pass a judgment because a single set could not possibly see all of the potential details to a situation or event.

In addition, Aragenites are a nonviolent group. In fact, they preach noninvolvement in all things unless one's own life is in danger. They stand strong in the face of adversity, especially where the conservation of knowledge is concerned.

In short, the dogma of Aragen reads: Knowledge should be gathered and preserved, for knowledge is the only thing that will lead you to truth.

Observe and record and do this objectively. Do not cloud the observation with speculation or supposition as that could lead to distortion. Do not judge what you see - as a single pair of eyes can only see part of the whole picture and your judgement may be faulty. Do not dismiss any information, no matter how small or irrelevant you deem it, because it may be the missing piece of the puzzle of understanding.

Do not partake in the occurrences that you are observing, as participation may influence the events. Do not use violence, unless in self-defense or in the preservation of knowledge.

  • Aliases: The Wise God, The Great Collector
  • Race: Human
  • Worshippers: Those who follow the Wise God come from various races; although, it is the elves who make up most of them. This is not a strange thing, even though Aragen himself was human. The long-lived elves are patient and are appreciative of the time it can take to gather knowledge properly. Close to the elves in number are the humans, driven by their short lives and desire for progress, they too strive to gather knowledge in order to have it benefit society for the future. While followers of other races exist, they are far from numerous. Most other races do not concern themselves with knowledge in its broad form. However, if one does, the Church of Aragen welcomes them with open arms.
  • Governs: Knowledge, Research, Stories, Poetry, Lore
  • Mantras: Cerebral, Passive, Scholarly, Stoic

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