Lawful Good

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Lawful Good characters believe that law, order, and stability are the best path to achieving the ends of Good. They see stability as providing a foundation on which people can build plans for their futures, and thus as providing people with the best chance of eventual happiness. They may accept strict laws, if they believe these to be necessary; for instance a Lawful Good culture could have capital punishment for extreme crimes. (The crimes must generally be extreme, or this would violate the principle of respect for life. However, a sufficiently heinous crime can, in the D&D system, constitute sufficient reason for a Good character to condone execution.) However, they will not accept clear failures of their legal system; a legal system in a Lawful Good culture will tend to favor the rights of the accused, to prevent innocents from coming to harm.

Lawful Good characters tend to have a strong set of personal moral rules, and rely on these for moral judgements; they may do things that they are not very comfortable with, if the moral rules require them. Thus, a Lawful Good soldier will be likely to obey the orders of a superior, even if he has concerns about their moral quality, because he has already committed to obedience.

Lawful Good Characters:

  • Always keeps his word.
  • Never lies.
  • Never attack, harm or kill an innocent foe.
  • Never harm an innocent.
  • Never torture for any reason. Will not allow torture.
  • Always helps others.
  • Always work within the law.
  • Respects honor, self-discipline, authority and law.
  • Works well within a group.
  • Never take 'dirty money' or items.
  • Never betray a friend. Ever. For ANY reason.