Chaotic Evil

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A classic psychotic villain, the Chaotic Evil character will do whatever strikes him as useful to his ends. He will kill or maim if it suits his needs. If he is sadistic, he will likely kill great numbers of people, but if he isn't, he will graciously only kill those that inconvenience or annoy him. He will make sincere-sounding promises if it suits his needs, but will keep them only when it is convenient or necessary to his goals. He views the world as a convenience to him, and will oppose any social order that might keep him from pursuing his goals.

Chaotic Evil is a restricted alignment. At the moment (and for the foreseeable future), no character will be approved with this alignment, and any character who moves to this alignment through in-game actions will be rendered into an NPC, and unplayable. See Alignment Rules for more information.

Chaotic Evil Characters:

  • Rarely keeps his word. Has no honor.
  • Lie and cheat anyone.
  • Most certainly attack and kill an unarmed foe (those are the best kind!).
  • Will hurt and/or kill an innocent without a second thought. (Or for pleasure).
  • Uses torture to extract information and pleasure.
  • Will kill for sheer pleasure.
  • Is likely to help someone only on a whim.
  • Despises honor and authority and self-discipline. Views them as weaknesses.
  • Does not work well in a group. Constantly vying for power and/or command.
  • Will always take dirty money etc.
  • Will betray a friend. After all, you can always get another friend.
  • Associates mostly with other evil alignments.