Sinthar Bloodstone

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Eleven hundred years before the Cataclysm the Great Dragon War began. Dragons waged war upon each other and led their minions to battle. 

Many innocent lives were lost, and in 825 Before Cataclysm, a young human wizard general thought it was enough. This young man was Sinthar Bloodstone.

Sinthar was a brilliant tactician as well as a spellweaver of great power, having been taught by dragons himself. In the following years, he killed many dragons, as well as many of their followers, earning him the name Blood.

Fourteen years later, the dragons are willing to end their war due to the success of Sinthar's campaign. The evil dragons however, had one condition to the Council of Seven however, is that Sinthar himself is not allowed to keep his conquests. In fact, he should be banished from Layonara so that he would never be a threat to them again.

The Council agrees and Blood is banished to the Pits of Endless Strife. He swore vengeance on the dragons and all races.

More than two thousand years later, Blood returns in 1341. Luckily, two thirds of his army from the Pits dies in the transport, but he still had sufficient troops to take control of most of Belinara.

In the following decades, Blood has many victories and tightens his strange hold on the world. It is not until 1385 that he has his first major setback when two of his Bloodpools are destroyed. Seven years later, he strikes back and kills 600,000, nearly all inhabitants.

One year after this, he also conquers the town of Stone on Alindor. An invasion of Dregar however, fails in 1393 and is his first military setback. This was the turning point in the war against Blood.

Two years later, his general Xandrial abandons him and leaves for the Pits. Shortly after this, an army of Dragon Called and forces from Mistone and Dregar retake Tilmar and Corsain from his hands.

In 1399, Blood loses his other two generals Drezneb and Eon and their Bloodpools were also destroyed.

Blood's domain on Belinara is never challenged though, but he knew the war would be coming there when the only weapon able to kill him, the Blade of Shadows, was forged in 1401.

In an all out gambit to stop the adventurers that are coming for him, Blood launches an attack at both the Great Oak as well as Prantz. The Dragon Called are forced to split themselves in three groups. Some join the the armies of Mistone and Dregar to defend Prantz, others make way to the Great Forest to join the forces of nature. One bold group made its way to Blood's stronghold to destroy his Bloodwell and kill him.

The Battle for Prantz is lost and the city falls to Lord Rael. At the Great Oak, Blood's forces are repelled, but at a great cost, Ozlo the dragon, is killed.

The group at Blood's stronghold split up, half went after the Bloodwell, the other half after Blood himself. Throwing a gem-encrusted dragon skull into its red depths, the Bloodwell is weakened, thereby weakening Blood as well. Before Blood could recover, the last group attacks him and after a long and bloody battle, it is Triba Gues who severed Blood's spine with the Blade of Shadows.

Blood's death however, also causes the Bloodwell to explode. Tons of rock, soil and dust are thrown into the air, giving birth to a large crater. The dust in the air also causes the Dark Ages to start, causing the death of millions.

The verdict is still out on whether the cost of lives was worth Blood's demise or not. Some argue it was not, while others state Blood would have killed everyone anyway.