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Xandrial was one of Bloodstone's generals during the Blood War. He ruled over the eastern continent of Belinara for a time, which led to the continent being referred to as Xantril during this period.

In 1395, Bloodstone lost General Xandrial to the Pits. Xandrial was able to defeat a Lord in the Pits to claim his "rightful place". Many now understand that Xandrial was harvesting souls on Layonara in order to gain power for his ultimate goal of defeating this Lord.

..and as the great party stood over the defeated demon deep in the Abyss, a great portal opened revealing The General Xandrial. He tore the amulet from the demon before any of the heroes could and the tormented souls captured by the now slain demon rose in command to Xandrial... he stood there for a moment with the amulet.

An eternity passed as the party held their breath waiting to see if he would keep up his end of the bargain then he looked to Lia and handed her the Amulet, now secure in our possession and Lia free, all of us free, Xandrial's dominion was now his plane.

Before anyone knew it, demon wars were breaking out all around them and Xandrial laughed maniacally as he sliced mighty demons like a hot knife to butter and without a second glance, the heroes dove for the portal...and to a free Xantril... or should I say a free Belinara?

-Plenarius Ashaley, Bird Lord of Katia