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Though many knew and feared the undead lich known as Drezneb, fewer remember that before he became a lich, this man was first known by the name Shalic Layor. From early childhood all the way to the end of his life, Shalic's greatest ambition was to rule the world. To fulfill this goal, he pursued a life devoted to the study of magic and the creation of an army great enough to allow him to conquer his enemies.

Over the years, Shalic realized that he lacked some of the tools needed to reach his goals. He spent a decade creating three magical items: a ruby ring, a sapphire necklace, and a black robe. Such was the power of these items that many believe that had things gone differently, he would have succeeded.

During this time, Shalic also meet an individual by the name of Karrindar, who became his most trusted advisor and confidant. Unfortunately, Shalic was forced to kill Karrindar's family to force him into this service, and eventually Karrindar discovered what he had done. Shalic died at the age of 48, at Karrindar's hand.

What Karrindar did not know when he claimed Shalic's life in vengeance was that Shalic had once discovered and kept secret one of Sinthar Bloodstone's Bloodpools. The pool had promised him immortality and great power, and he had been given an item that immediately sunk into his chest. After Shalic was killed, when his black robe, known as the Soul Shroud, was dropped near a pool by mistake, Shalic returned as Drezneb the Lich to serve Sinthar Bloodstone.

After returning under Bloodstone's control, Drezneb resided deep within the Great Rift on Dregar, in close proximity to his Bloodpool. He is thought to have been destroyed by a powerful group of adventurers.

Race: Unliving, formerly human
Age: Unknown
Location: Deceased