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Of the many great evils Sinthar Bloodstone brought to Layonara, there is perhaps none more shrouded in mystery than the enigma of the Bloodpools. These gaping energy portals create an aura of life-draining energy around them, causing irreparable harm to those close nearby. It is said that a soul lost near a Bloodpool is lost forever.

Although the actual function of the Bloodpools still remains a mystery, the most popular theory is that they may have been used to increase Bloodstone’s power, either on Layonara or within the Pit to which he was banished during his exile. How they were created is yet another mystery. The exact number of Bloodpools across Layonara is still unknown, though it is unlikely that all of them remain active.

Bloodpools should not be confused with the portals Bloodstone used to re-enter Layonara; they hold nowhere near the destructive force of the failed portals around the Forsaken Isles. Sages claim that any mortal to pass near the Forsaken Isles will be instantly twisted into an unliving monster. It is thought that a hole was torn in the fabric of the cosmos when Blood’s portals failed and collapsed, causing a lower frequency world to spill into Layonara. This was a disaster indeed, but there may also have been some good fortune in the catastrophic collapse; had the portals not failed, Bloodstone would most likely rule Layonara by now.Hence, when sages speak of Blood's portals, it is not unheard of to hear one say, “In every dark action, there is good. Look hard enough, and it is always there.”