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Map of Alindor

Alindor is usually shown on the southwestern part of the world map. At the moment, it is divided into five realms. Its western part consists of the kingdoms of Taur'en Kingdom and Sagewald, while the center part is dominated by the realm of Erilyn, which is bordered by the Sun Kingdom to the north. Eastern Alindor is the domain of the allied duchies of Morholt.

The continent's name has been a source of controversy; Milara outlawed the use of the name Alindor in 925, and for a time the land was known as Rilara. Following the treaty signed by Milara and Plenarius Ashaley in 1409, Milara relinquished control over most of the continent, and Layonarans once again refer to the land as Alindor.

Many on Alindor waited nervously for Milara to reassert his power on the day the treaty expired, but that day passed, and the continent has remained undisturbed by Milara's forces thus far...

Some Notable Locations