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The rogue discreetly slips a shimmering dagger from the dead ogre's boot. He knows the dagger must be worth a small fortune- a fortune he doesn't intend to share. However, the blade's glimmer before the rogue can tuck it away is enough to catch the fighter's eye. He doesn't quite notice what produced the glimmer, but he knows it came from the hands of the rogue. The fighter faces the rogue, resting his hand on the hilt of his longsword.

"What you got there? Let me have a look-see."
"Who, me? I don't got nothing. I was, uh, just making sure the ogre was really dead. The smarter ones like to play opossum you know."

Characters have the ability to see the actions of other characters, even if those actions aren't displayed by the Neverwinter Nights interface. To prevent possible abuse of the fact that a PC could loot an item in complete confidentiality (no one can see what's being looted except the person actually doing the looting), a Loot Notification system was implemented. In short, any player standing near a body being looted will receive a message in the chat window indicating exactly what was looted and who looted it. Here's an example:

"Triba Gues looted 23 gold pieces."