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After a tough fight or a long day, your character will almost certainly be feeling the need to rest. Although failure to rest does not result in any penalties due to sleep deprivation, resting is very important as it allows characters to heal and replenish many of their abilities such as spell casting. Layonara uses a unique resting system designed to reflect a character's natural need for greater recovery time as the character increases in experience, age, and ability. A rest timer dependent on your character's level will determine how long they must wait between rests.

  • Levels 1-3: No limit
  • Levels 4-6: 6 minutes
  • Levels 7-10: 10 minutes
  • Levels 11-15: 1 minute per level
  • Levels 16-30: 15 minutes + 1 minute/2 levels over 15
  • Level 30+: 25 minutes (capped)

Most negative effects, such as ability score loss, can be removed by resting. A character heals one Hit Point plus his/her Constitution modifier per level each rest. If the character rests in a Safe Area, however, they will be restored to full Hit Points regardless of their injuries. A character may always rest in a safe rest area, no matter how long they have on their rest timer. Doing so will reset the timer. Safe Areas include rooms at the various taverns and inns across Layonara, as well as remote campsites that are frequently referred to as a Druid's Campsite, where your character will find an ever-burning campfire.