Mage Armor

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Is magearm.png
  • Caster Level(s): Bard 1, Wizard / Sorcerer 1
  • Innate Level: 1
  • School: Conjuration
  • Descriptor(s): Force
  • Component(s): Verbal, Somatic, Material
  • Range: Touch
  • Area of Effect / Target: Single
  • Duration: 1 Turn / Level
  • Additional Counter Spells:
  • Save: Harmless
  • Spell Resistance: No
  • Material Component: A Small Bit of Cured Hide

    The selected target gains the following bonuses to his AC: +1 natural armor, +1 dodge, +1 deflection, and +1 enhancement. The dodge bonus stacks with other dodge bonuses to AC, but the other bonuses do not stack with bonuses of the same type.