Mistone Alliance

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Mistone Alliance came into existence around the time Katia, the Goddess of Nature, was rumored to be imprisoned, around the year of 1357.

The Mistone Alliance was founded by Queen Allurial of Mistone to serve as her executive body. The organization's purpose was to ensure the welfare of the people of Mistone. The Alliance was headed by the Triumvirate, which consisted of three members that shared an equal vote on major issues. The Alliance was composed of five ministries:

The ministries worked together to achieve their goals.

Although the Alliance was funded from the crown, resource shortages in the war with Blood meant the Alliance often sought the aid of adventurers in Mistone to ensure the continent was safeguarded from threats both domestic and foreign. 

The Mistone Alliance, whose existence was already challenged after the death of Bloodstone, was disbanded with the death of Queen Allurial in 1410. MAS ships were decommissioned, but some, like prominent members of the Ministries, found positions serving the newly formed kingdoms.