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First and foremost, a more complete and detailed explanation of PvP, what it is and how it works on Layonara, can be found in the Player Rules.

The PvP widget is a useable item in all players' inventories. To use it, click on the target character. At that point all members of the party of the targeting character (if he/she is in a party) are notw notified that a PvP request has been made. The targeted party leader then must click their PvP Widget on one from the party that targeted them in return. This gives the targeted party leader a conversation where he can accept or deny the PvP request. Should he accept, all members of both parties will be notified that PvP may begin in 60 seconds, giving all party members a chance to set their enemies to hostile in the player window (They can also leave party within the 60 seconds to avoid being involved in the PvP). Both PvP'ers must set their selves to hostile in the player window; this is important as it allows for the PvP to happen. After your character dies or after fifteen RL (real life) minutes the PvP action is over. No character involved may engage in PvP for sixty real life minutes, this is a cool down period. All of this is logged and monitored by the GM Team.