Pigs Ear Pilsner

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This brew originated in Hlint. A local adventurer would help keep the road clear by hunting and killing the goblin scouts near the Red Light Caves. He would gain a reward from Quartermaster Talon and then spend the night drinking at The Wild Surge. One day the particularly thirsty adventurer with a string of ears could not find the Quartermaster. Sadly he trudged into the Inn complaining about his misfortune. His misfortune turned to fortune when a local brewer asked about the ears. He offered the adventurer ale in return for the ears. The brewer had heard tales about the odd properties in the ears of the goblin scouts. So on a whim he tossed them into his latest batch of pilsner. To the brewer's surprise the drink had a smooth and robust flavor that his previous ale had not. The drink became a favorite in Hlint and the brewer grew wealthy. With much wealth the brewer moved away and took the recipe with him. A copy was found in the Great Library of all places and is now available again.

Price: 50gp