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The Random NPC Quest system is a perpetual chat based system that involves delivery of goods from one NPC in one town/village/fort/city to another (there are 46 in total). Players are asked to help the NPC complete his shipment by gathering the components for a random CNR recipe. Here's a run down of how it works.

Ask a pawn broker if there are any jobs around and she'll randomly mention one of the six that are currently running.

Find the NPC in the location that the pawn broker mentioned and greet her by name (First, Last or Full Name) however you choose. This won't be the first time I tell you but you must always use the NPC's name when you're talking to them! The NPC will ask you if you're interested in a job and you can reply with yes or no (or many variants, i.e. nods, nope, nay, aye). Again, you must use their name! If you reply with an affirmative the NPC will then give you a scroll detailing the goods she requires and to whom and where she wishes the delivery be made. The NPC always wishes the components (not the final product!) of a craftable item. She will also detail which tradeskill the recipes is referring to as some recipes can be made via different trades.

At this point players may need to even decide if the quest is worth it. If an NPC wants you to gather the goods for a Mithil Emerald Amulet to deliver to Fieroz City you may decide it just isn't worth it. If you do decide to fetch the components required to craft the item the NPC wishes then return to the NPC again once they're fetched and greet them again (use their name!) and tell them yes (use their name!) that you have the items now.

When the NPC confirms that you are indeed carrying all the requirements to craft what she's asked then she will load you up with the rest of the shipment. WARNING: HEAVY LOAD. Yes, you'll have to carry any where between 100-500 lbs of goods (random 1-5 100lb items). These goods can be placed in magic bags or on an ox or of course you can give them to the meat shield or just divvy them up in your party if you have one. At this point the quest is no longer available to any other players, so if they're out looking for the crafting components and another player/party beats them then they're out of luck.

Once you're all loaded up then it's time to trek to your destination and find the NPC in that town. Once he's found greet him by name, when he asks if you have the goods reply with the affirmative and he'll check for everything. Once everything is in order he'll ask if everyone who has helped you is nearby, reply with an affirmative and the reward is given to each member of the party in the area, the quest is completed and a new quest is added somewhere!

If a quest is not complete within five real days it is expired a new one is put in its place.

Players will have a random time limit anywhere between 72-96 real life hours to deliver the goods to the recipient once they are loaded up. The delivery deadline in Layonara date will be printed on the description of the shipment items.

If an NPC attempts to validate your items and you have forgotten to get them from your ox, or retrieve them from another party member etc. and they tell you to come back then you'll have to greet them again when you have all the items.

Point form summary

  1. Plen in Center says to pawn broker: "Hear of any jobs?"
  2. Pawn Broker responds, "Speaking of jobs, Pero Nickleberd in Haven City is looking for help with a shipment"
  3. Visit Haven City and find Pero and say: "Hello Pero!"
  4. Pero responds: "You looking for a job?"
  5. Plen responds, "Aye Pero I heard you have some work"
  6. Pero responds and hands you a scroll.
  7. Read the scroll and it will tell you the recipe for the components required and to whom the shipment is headed.
  8. Retrieve the components required to craft the item Pero requests then return to Haven City.
  9. Greet him by name how you wish, "I'm back Pero"
  10. Pero responds asking if you have all the goods to complete the shipment.
  11. Plen responds, "Yep, I have your items required Pero!"
  12. Pero makes sure the speaker does indeed have the items and then loads you up with the rest of the shipment reminding you where to go.
  13. Journey to receiving NPC and initiate conversation by using his name, "We've made it Wade"
  14. Wade responds asking if you're the one with the shipment.
  15. Plen replies "Yes it's us Wade"
  16. Wade will make sure all the goods are in the speaker's inventory then ask that all party members are present in the area
  17. Plen replies, "Aye, we're all here Wade"
  18. Wade removes all the goods from the speaker then rewards each party member.

It may seem like a lot to understand but once the system is in place and you try it out I think you'll get it quite easily. In general all you really need to remember is to say "Hello NPCName", "Yes NPCName" or "No NPCName" - We hope you'll of course make it more diverse, especially when doing these quests with other players around so as to keep the chat fun and IC.