Raven Tribe

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Prior to the year 1170, the Raven Tribe of Krashin was one of the most war-like tribes of the four, if not the most, due to the fact that they were so close to the other settlements of the rest of Layonara, meaning that they often raided towns and cities on nearby islands. The most well known of such raids were those on Leringard, between around 1085 and 1170. After their defeat in 1170, they needed generations to recover but are now once more the strongest tribe on the island.

Coincidentally, due to the same reasons the Raven Tribe was considered one of the most barbaric tribes, it is now, without a doubt, the most civilized of the four, although it is still extremely barbaric in the eyes of the rest of Layonara. Clans in the tribe still hunt animals for food, are still very down to earth, and completely self-sufficient, but they do not participate in raids or other war-like ventures often. Therefore, it is not surprising that they get most of their profit from the mercantile business, trading commodities such as pelts, cloaks, and fresh fish for metals and other things that are not commonly found in the Barbarian Isles.

The tactics of the Raven Tribe are such that when one is up against a threat, said person will make sure to attack quickly, but with much force, it will then pull back, and then attack again when the time is right. These tactics are shown in times of war, such as the numerous attacks on Leringard, or in hunting, where one person will attack, pull back, and then another person will attack from another side.

As such, it is to be expected that most of those raised by a clan in the Raven Tribe would fight in this style. Whilst these may be effective tactics over short amounts of time, if the enemy is given enough time to organize its defenses, these tactics will not be as effective in the long run.