Ridgecrest: Government

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Ridgecrest has a fairly loose form of governance that is skewed toward the needs of trade and commerce. The town is goverened by a Council consisting of five people who elect amongst themselves a Chief Counselor who presides over the Council's meetings. The Chief Counselor carries little extra authority but the position does tend to inherit the blame for any unpopular policies that the Council produces. It should be no surprise that there is a strong Deliarite presence in Ridgecrest, and there is usually at least one Deliarite on the Council at any given time.

Ridgecrest supports no official police force. Instead, the Council will typically hire people on an as-needed basis to enforce policy, collect taxes or similar activities. The Council levies a modest tax on all business transactions that take place within its borders, and it collects a similarly modest fee on anyone wishing to mine copper removed in its mine, which it accepts in gold True or in a portion of the ore taken from the ground.