Silent Sea

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Past the southern tip of Mistone, the Silent Sea is so named for its eerie lack of sound. This quietness results when warm water from the Sea of Lampit meets the cooler waters of the Forsaken Sea and produces large fog banks which swallow all noises. Their dense mass makes it difficult for sound to travel far through this area, and gives the sea its name.

A strange legend surrounds this sea. For centuries, sailors have told a tale of a crewless ship called the Prince of Sky. A merchant encountered the sailing vessel Prince of Sky drifting in a large fog bank. The merchant's ship hailed the adrift vessel. When they got no reply a boat was lowered to see why none was forthcoming. What the boarding party found was a most curious sight: the boat was completely empty of all life. Stranger still was the manner of this emptiness'it was as if the crew had been snatched from where they stood or sat. Meals sat on the table, still warm, beds and hammocks were again still warm and unmade, steaming drinks rested on the chart table, and a quill lay next to an open journal, the final entry halted in mid word. Snatching up the journal, the spooked boarding party beat a hasty retreat back to their own ship. The quickly descending fog swiftly engulfed the Prince of Sky as they rowed back to the merchant vessel, and the other ship was never seen again. The final entry in the ship's log read:

Day 23, 1130 hours. 112 leagues east of the Broken Corals.

Officer of the Watch: First Mate Bowlam Clanfield
Sea calm, tide favorable.
Proceeding Westward towards Mistone. The prevailing wind and tide has given us a few hours grace to our journey. The sea is calm and quiet. Most strange of all is the seeming lack of seabirds. Have sent a shipwright to investigate the banging heard from below the waterline on the starboard quarter. Awaiting their report.
The sail crew have reported a large patch of seaweed fouling the rudder. (Maybe the source of the banging noise?) They work on unfouling it as I write. The lookout reported what he thought was a man seen swimming ahead of us. (I will have to stop his rum ration.) The crew have also reported seeing several he..........

And so ends the last entry of the Prince of Sky's ship log.