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"Welcome to the Leringard Arms. Feel free order something from the bar, or just lounge around." Lily's eyes sparkle and you feel both comfortable and intrigued at the same time.

"We have just about every kind of drink you can imagine having a good time with." The hostess winks at you, but before you can read anything into the gesture, she begins again.

"After you order a drink, be sweet to the gypsy, and she might tell you the story behind the drink you ordered." She points to a fair, red-headed elf sitting cross-legged on the bar. You suddenly feel a strong draw to the bar (or is it the red-head), with its half-empty tankards, wine bottles, and merry-makers.

"Go on. Have a Black Knight Malt, or maybe some Will-o-whiskey if you think you can handle it."


  • Each drink container has "charges" associated with it. After the the charges have been used, the container is empty and must be refilled. For example, a typical canteen has three charges, and can be refilled at the nearest well, water barrel, or clear water spring.
  • Craftable beverages (e.g. alcohol and juice) each have a different number of charges. Some beverages quench your thirst better than other beverages. #REDIRECT CNR Just as with weapons, armor and other items, the best beverages are crafted and not bought from vendors.
  • Alcoholic beverages have different strengths represented by a Fortitude save DC. Alcohol works like a temporary poison for the mind, affecting your character's mental ability scores upon failure of the Fortitude save.
  • Your character will receive messages indicating his/her thirst status. Your first message is usually "You are feeling a bit thirsty." If you do not drink, additional messages will follow indicating that the character is growing thirstier.
  • As your character drinks, you will receive messages indicating thirst status. Once the message "You are about to burst!" is received, the character will gain no more benefit from drinking.
  • At some point, the thirst will be severe enough that a penalty is incurred to your saves (Fortitude, Reflex, and Will). To recover from this penalty, the character must drink a sufficient amount of liquid and then rest. The penalty will not be removed until the character rests.
  • A character will not die from failing to drink.