Winter's Breath: Notable People

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Eric Larlsson

The current head of the council of elders is Eric Larlsson. He is a native of Krashin and has made Bastil his home since 1378. A former fisherman turned fishmonger, he knows Winter's Breath and its ways better than most thanks to his keen eye and wisdom. A gentle but sturdy man, his greatest joy comes from when local fishermen consult him on places to fish; he misses his former trade and desires nothing more than to face the ocean's wrath.

Peatr Kaal

Peatr is the current representative of the dragon in Winter's Breath. Originally a founder of White Gate, he is a sly man who mostly keeps to himself. He runs Winter's Breath's black market and provides many of the items that the population needs as well as its luxuries. At Knad'radoniad's orders, he keeps an eye on things, listens in at the council meetings where he has a seat but rarely gives voice to his own opinions, and lets the population do as they wish.